Ruskin® New Louver Catalog!


Ruskin® proudly introduces the most comprehensive and complete louver catalog in the industry. This full color catalog gives you in depth product information, including louver performance, certifications, listings, min/max sizes, and so much more.

The new louver catalog is organized by louver type and can save you valuable time when questions arise about Ruskin® louvers. Engineers and architects alike will want to keep this the Ruskin® louver catalog within an arm’s length of their work spaces.

The new Ruskin® louver catalog can be downloaded HERE (Please note the file is 12.8mb in size)

Cook Vari-Flow Information

Vari-Flow Brochure_Jan. 2017_1             X1086R00 VFCO2 Controller Submittal             X1087R00 VFTC Controller Submittal             X1088R00 VFHC Controller Submittal             X1089R00 VFVOC Controller Submittal             VF2SP Supplement IOM Nov. 2016             VFABK Supplement IOM Nov. 2016             VFCO2 Supplement IOM Nov. 2016               VFHC Supplement IOM Nov. 2016             VFPC Supplement IOM Nov. 2016             VFTC Supplement IOM Nov. 2016             VFVOC Supplement IOM Nov. 2016             X1083R00 VF2SP Controller Submittal             X1084R00 VFABK Controller Submittal             X1085R00 VFPC Submittal

Three reasons why linear slot diffusers are the best choice for “washing windows”

  1. It is always better to put the air down in front of the glass, creating and “air curtain” effect, rather than directly onto the glass. Linear slot diffusers will accomplish this the best.
  2. ASHRAE Standard 62.1 states that the Throw to 150FPM should reach 4″-6′” from the floor. Again, easier to accomplish with linear slots.
  3. ASHRAE Standard 55 requires a maximum of 5 degF stratification from ankle region to neck region. This too, is best done with linear slot diffusers.