Ruskin® New Louver Catalog!


Ruskin® proudly introduces the most comprehensive and complete louver catalog in the industry. This full color catalog gives you in depth product information, including louver performance, certifications, listings, min/max sizes, and so much more.

The new louver catalog is organized by louver type and can save you valuable time when questions arise about Ruskin® louvers. Engineers and architects alike will want to keep this the Ruskin® louver catalog within an arm’s length of their work spaces.

The new Ruskin® louver catalog can be downloaded HERE (Please note the file is 12.8mb in size)

SkyBlade Fans High Volume Low Speed (HVLS)


LBSB.0717_SkyBlade TriFold Brochure  

SkyBlade Fans High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans are specially designed fans with leading edge STOL technology. STOL series 12-24’ fans deliver top efficiency to heating and cooling systems by reducing their run time, cycles and improving overall comfort.

Short Take Off & Landing (STOL) technology created our airfoil design allowing us to accomplish moving more air with less energy consumption. With energy efficiency and air movement in mind SkyBlade Fans reduce the need for heating in the cold months through Destratification of the area and increasing air velocity in warm months to create an evaporative effect on the skin and assist air or sometimes replace conditioning systems.

SkyBlade Fans are utilized in high ceiling facilities, open office spaces, warehouses, places of worship, gymnasiums, auto dealerships and more.

Contact us to see what SkyBlade can do for your project!

Titus 45-F Sight Proof

Titus, the leader in air distribution, has done it again with the new 45-F Sight Proof egg crate return grille. If you’re one of those who hate standard egg crate grilles, the kind which let you stare right up into the ceiling plenum, or are less than enamored with the look of perforated grilles, with their lack of adequate free area and remarkable tendency for dirt collection, then the new 45-F Sight Proof will have you saying “Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner”? This ½” square grille has one set of vanes set at 0 degree and the other fixed at a 45 degree angle. When installed in a lay in ceiling, with the angled blades oriented toward the wall, it’s virtually impossible to see up into the ceiling plenum. This means no more painting the plenum space flat black and no more line-of-sight boots. The 45-F is made entirely of extruded aluminum, has 92% free area, a neck for return air ducting if desired, and drops into any standard T-Bar ceiling. It’s a no-brainer…..specify it today!